Raptor Series Testimonials

Customers all over North America have discovered the pleasure of owning a Raptor Series product, and have shared their experiences here.

"These 5 inch oval tubes look great on my 2010 Silverado Crew Cab and are very durable. It would have cost me a fortune if I went to dealership. Thanks Raptor!”

“I love these Raptor steps!  My wife can get in and out of the truck easier and safer now without having the fear of falling.  And they are easy to install!"

"I'm 69 years old and it took me about 45 minutes to install both sides for my 2010 Tundra 5 inch oval tube. Perfect fit and looks great!  It does not get much better than this."

“I weigh 350lbs and I was a little nervous if these oval tubes could hold up as you claim.  They install easy, look great and don’t bend or flex at all!  Very strong product.  I’m impressed!”

"I am really impressed with the 5 inch Magnum oval tubes. They look great and my kids love them because now they have no problem getting into the truck." 

"The Raptor 5 inch Magnums are a great product and look very nice on my 2010 Dodge Ram. The installation went great. Only took about 1hr to install."

"These nerf bars were a breeze to install and look great on the truck. Packaging was very good and the instructions were clear.  A great product and I really love them."

“The wheel to wheel oval tubes arrived with all the necessary items for installation. It was very easy to install and they look good and work well.  Now I can use the third step to get into my truck bed easier."

"Product was exactly as described. Installation was easy as it took me about 45 minutes and I am not mechanically inclined.  Nice heavy mounting brackets and perfect fit without modification."

"Installation for the 5 inch Magnum oval tube was a breeze.  Instructions are a tad confusing at first, but once I laid out the pieces it all made sense.  My 7 year old daughter was able to help, that's how easy it is!!"

"The 4 inch Magnum side steps worked well and were easy to install on my 2009 Tundra.  The oval tube brackets bolt to the manufactured pre-threads.  Nice!  I would buy from them again."

"Great product and very easy to install.  It makes my Ford Super Duty look great!  Guys at the car wash are jealous!"

"The quality and looks of the bars are excellent. Installation took about 45 minutes with my son helping to hold up the attachment hardware while I inserted and tightened the bolts.  Over all, I saved about $200 by buying these bars!  Thanks Raptor!”

"Clear installation instructions. No missing parts. No questions. All looks great. Thanks."

"These nerf bars are awesome and really took my 09 ram to a new level!  It took about 45 minutes to install.  The only negative was there was no installation guide in box.  Good news is I went online to print off new install guide so no big deal.  Your customer service was excellent and very helpful!"

"Great product. Easy to install. Looks great. Very sturdy construction."

“The bars look great and were easy to install. Took 30 minutes to install. Love them"

"I am not mechanically inclined at all, but I put these on in 30 minutes with just a socket wrench. The instructions were clear, the parts were identified and they fit my truck perfectly. The price can't be beat. Thanks Raptor!”

 “I’ve owned 3 Chevy trucks and now a 2010. In the past I have only purchased the OEM and dealership steps.  These can compete with the best of them, at half the price!”

Very happy with my new nerf bars. Took about 45 minutes to install.  All the pieces were there and they fit like a glove.  I refer all my friends and family to buy Raptor.  Great products at great prices!”

"Easy to install, look great and very sturdy.  I am completely satisfied with these oval tubes!"

“Directions for instillation were pretty easy to follow. Be sure not to tighten anything before it's all in place. Slight realigning may be required to get fit. Once the first one is on, the second is easy.  They look great and I love the strong sturdy construction."

Straight Cab Length Oval Step Tubes
Wheel to Wheel Oval Step Tubes
Curved OVal Step Tubes
Stainless Steel 7" Running Boards
Stainless Steel Bed Rails
3 inch Round Step Tubes